Thursday, 19 December 2013

Let the Festivities begin

So whilst I was on polyvore, just creating sets as one would do I thought why not get into the Christmas spirit and create some festive looks that I would love wear - if my purse permitted me to! Come to think about it I actually don't get all dressed up for Christmas. Weird. As I remember I used to before when I was younger which was actually annoying considering the fact that by the end of dinner I would always spot one gravy stain on my clothes grr. But nowadays I don't make as much of an effort. Well, don't get me wrong I don't sit at the table wearing the trampiest of clothes haha I just usually opt for something casual - a nice shirt, cute pair of jeans you know the deal. Well anyway this post is for if I did actually dress up and what I would wear (and it's also just a bit of inspiration for anyone stuck on what to wear for Christmas day!)

Outfit 1 - I would say this outfit is pretty laid back but there's a sense of chicness to it. This is something I would suggest to anyone who doesn't want to get too dress up - but definitely wants to look cute in those Christmas family photos. You know the ones where you have to fake a smile because your mums forcing you to be in the picture when really all you want to do is lie on your bed because of how slumped you are after that incredible meal! 
Outfit 2 - This outfit is kinda of Christmasy, but with a grungy twist. I would also say it's for anyone who's daring enough to show some leg this Christmas! Can we please just take a moment for this holographic clutch - from PRIMARK! Yes I said it - Primark. I am definitelyyyy going to be running to Primark as soon as the chance!
Outfit 3 - I've always loved co-ordinates, I'm a sucker for them. There's just something about head to toe print that just excites me! A very bold and playful look for this Christmas - definitely something that will make you stand out in those family photos. And if looking like wallpaper isn't your thing you could always go for less colorful co-ord maybe an all white number with a pop of colour and gold accessories.

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