Thursday, 31 October 2013


As we are now in the season of winter, I thought it was only right to share with you all some images that I've come across that are giving me abit of inspiration for my wardrobe this season.

Thursday Blues

Isit just me or is there something a bit offish about the weather these past few days. From the storm on Monday to the on and off rain we've been getting, I haven't exactly been the biggest fan of the British weather and it is for that reason that I am glad I have a collection of hats! With my outfit today I decided to keep it pretty laid-back.

Beanie - Primark,  Jacket - Primark,  Dress - H&M,  Leggings - Select,  Boots - New Look,  Bag - Zara

Friday, 25 October 2013

Feeling Divaish

Last weekend I had the time of my life lol, as it was my friend's birthday I went to visit her and also help her celebrate the big 2-0! I wore this outfit to dinner at Wagamama's, and I am absolutely in love with it if I must say so myself *embarrassed face* The minute I bought this floppy hat I just couldn't wait to wear it - whether that meant I had to wear it even if the sun was shining I couldn't give a damn, I just had to wear it and ASAP. So for the lovely dinner I decided to perhaps go a bit hollywood chic with my oversized hat! I really am in love with this hat guys I just can't stop going on about it haha. Ok let me shut my mouth now and just show you all my outfit.

Cardigan - Primark, Floppy Hat - Peacocks, Dress - ASOS, Necklace - Primark, Boots - New Look

Friday, 11 October 2013

Style Crush

Ever since Miley Cyrus chopped her hair off boy have we seen a different side to her. A side that not all may like or enjoy seeing however one thing I do like about Miley's drastic change is her style. Although I do think Miley is probably going through some sort of crazy phase where she 'twerks' at every given opportunity lol I can sort of understand why her style has evolved to what it is at the moment - she's grown up. She isn't the 15 year old Hannah Montana that we were used to seeing on Disney channel. She is now Miley Cyrus. In my opinion she can actually do no wrong in the style department, everything I've seen her wearing I've just stared at in awe wishing I owned at least half of her wardrobe! I just can't get enough of her outfits and I love waiting to see what she is going to wear next.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Hold On I'm Coming Home

Ok, so it has been three good months since I last blogged. I can honestly say I have been caught up in life and therefore haven't had the time to post. I am still without a professional camera (frustrating) so please bare with me as my photographs may not be of the greatest quality. It's been such a long time since I've blogged so expect some awkward poses and facial expressions lol.

Jacket - Primark, Top - Forever 21, Chain - Forever 21, Jeans - Asos, Shoes - New Look