Thursday, 4 July 2013

It's Always Better Bold

Hey guys! I hope you are all doing alright. This is just a quick OOTN post from the other night when I went out into town with a few of my girls. We all decided that we would dress up heels and all so I opted for this oversized shirt (well it's only oversized because its a size too big for me lol) and my disco pants. I really love this outfit, from the moment I bought this shirt I had just been waiting to wear it somewhere! Do you guys ever get that? Like you've just purchased something that I absolutely cannot wait to wear and every time you open your wardrobe you can't help but look at that item and think of how you would style it *embarrassed face* Enough of me going on, hopefully I'll have alot more outfits to take pics of and I'll be able to bring you guys some more posts this summer.

Shirt - ASOS, Disco Pants - eBay, Ankle Boots - New Look, Bag - Primark