Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Spring Wishes

Hey guys, first of all let me start of by saying thank you to everyone who has visited my blog as I have reached more than 1,000 views! I know some of you guys are thinking 1,000 views isn't much - but let me just say to me it is. The fact that you guys take out the time to visit my blog means a lot to me! Therefore I want to say once again THANK YOU :)
I've titled this post Spring Wishes because 1. I WISH it was Spring lol and 2. These are the purchases I NEED to make this spring! I haven't done a ootd post, but don't worry that is due very soon. As soon as this weather decides to stop acting up. I'm really into the sport luxe look that's going on at the moment and I think I will definitely need to invest in a pair of smart looking jogging pants.