Tuesday, 26 February 2013

I Love Me Some ZARA!

During my usual browsing session over the internet, I've seen quite a few things from not only ZARA but Topshop, Forever21 and ASOS that had me drooling. However majority of the things I'm feeling are actually from ZARA and I'd love to share them with you guys :)

1. Tartan Blazer - I honestly love anything tartan and the fact that this comes with a pair of matching trousers just makes me love it even more! I've always wanted to wear a print head-to-toe and tartan would be the perfect print
2. Combined Faux Leather Coat - Isn't this coat gorgeous?! Whenever I look at it all I see is C H I C. It just oozes sophistication and simplicity!
3. Tartan Cropped Trousers - I love these trousers, just not the fact that they're cropped abit too high
4. Mini Bowling Bag With Zips - This bag is just so cute! Instantly add a pop of colour with this to any outfit.
5. Tiger Pattern Jacquard Sweater - This jumper reminds me of the KENZO one, but for a fraction of the price! I would definitely love to own this. I'd pair it with an oxblood or emerald green pencil skirt and a gold link chain or maybe a gold Celine ID necklace
6. Shopper With Braided Handles - I love the simplicity of this bag, definitely an everyday/go to bag!
7. Wedge Ankle Strap - I love these wedges they're are just lovely!
8. Jacquard Pattern Top - This top is absolutely PERFECT! I honestly don't think the image of it does it enough justice! It is so beautiful up close. I just love it! This is definitely a statement top I would love it own it just to see how I could dress it up as well as down.

Monday, 25 February 2013

Brown Girl

Today I decided to stick to the colour palette of brown, hence the title of this post lol. To be honest, not much thought went into this outfit - I just literally picked out the first thing that came to eye when I looked in my wardrobe. As it was a cold day (nothing new) I decided to turn to my trusty fur coat and one of my mum's numerous old shirts that I love to 'borrow' - borrow and never return that is lol.

Fur Coat - eBay, Shirt - Mum's, Jeans - Primark, Chelsea Boots - Peacocks, Bag - Mum's

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

New Buys!

Hello everyone, I still do not have access to a computer in my house unfortunately, so I have to hit the library in order to blog :( Anyway, at the beginning of this month it was my birthday - which was an excuse for me to do a little shopping of course. So over this past month I have bought a few other things however silly me forgot to take photographs of them as I was in such a hast to write this post!

I was completely over the moon when I purchased a pair of strappy heels, however I have got to admit although they are a beaut they have to be the most uncomfortable pair of heels I own LOL. How upsetting is that!? On a good note, I cannot wait to wear my flatforms they are just so comfy and lovely! I'll probably style them with my camo top and maybe my new coat.

Strappy Heels - Primark, Chelsea Flatform Boots - ASOS, Camo Top - Primark, Checkered Blazer - Vintage, Black Leather Sleeve Coat - Dorothy Perkins

Monday, 11 February 2013

Just A Little Update...

First of all let me start of by saying just how much I have missed blogging :( With my laptop having gone bust and the hectic demands of university, I haven't been able to blog for the past like two weeks! And it feels like a lot has happened since then. At the beginning of the month it was my birthday woop woop and to celebrate I went out with my friends to a club. I didn't even get to take a proper photograph of my outfit (as in one that was not taken with my phone lol) however if you go on my instagram you can find a few pictures from the night. Also this month I've had to prepare my portfolio for university interviews and let's just say that has taken up all of my time!! Like literally. All I do is stress, work and then stress some more lol. I can't wait it to all be over! And that's about it really, since I don't want to bore you with my life lol I will leave it as that. But as I said in the blog post, this is just a little update for you guys to know that I am still here - alive and well :)