Tuesday, 29 January 2013

How I style: ASOS Hong Kong Heeled Sandals

As my birthday is coming up in just af few days, I thought I could use the occasion for some outfit inspiration. Of lately I have a massive obsession with ankle strap heels, so I thought to myself what item would I love to own that I don't have and obviously as you already guessed it was a pair of strappy heels. After looking around for some I came across this beauty hence why this post has been dedicated to the lovely heel. I must say I absolutely LOVE these outfits omg!! I honestly can't decide which one I prefer. With outfit 1, it is definitely something I would wear to celebrate my birthday, if I was to go out for drinks with the girls or do something rather casual. I think the stunning strappy heels add an element of formality and glam to the outfit. Don't you think these heels are to die for?!?! They are soooooo gorgeous and I love how you can play around with them, by wearing them casually or dressed up. The second outfit OMGGG I'm in loveeee lol. I would definitely wear this outfit for a birthday dinner (that's if I was to have one) the combination of the paisley skirt and bustier is still sexy without revealing too much.


  1. YES to the whole outfit especially those heeled sandals.

  2. love the skirt, leather bralet, checked pants....cha I love the whole thing! xxx

    1. lol so do I!! I need to own both of them ASAP!